Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions. Here you will find clear and concise information on the topics that interest our clients the most. Let's go - everything you need to know at a glance!

Regulatory Reporting

We at Fenion don’t like templates. Therefore, our technology offers seamless integration into the data-set of our clients, saving them time, a lot of money and headache. Say good bye to spending a fortune for huge implementation projects.

We have existing APIs to many fund accounting systems, such as Xentis, Simcorp, etc. Also, we have integrations to extracts to most fund administrators / depository banks of your choice.

If you require a service not listed on our website, please contact us directly. Our reporting professionals constantly add new regulatory services to our product suite. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and are keen to discuss your specific needs to see how we can assist or develop a bespoke solution for you.

We do not work with templates, unless our clients ask us to do so. Instead, we offer seamless integration in our clients existing data-structure and save our clients their valuable time and money. Apart from this, we offer deep regulatory expertise, personalized service, and commitment to accuracy and compliance. We ensure that our solutions are not just compliant but also tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of our clients

Did you ever have headache caused by reporting-quality? Good news: Fenion has an academic approach and a lot of technology in place to produce regulatory reports, which meet your investor’s highest quality standards.

We love challenges and have experience in complex fund structures and / or instruments, such as fund-of-funds, feeder funds, exotic derivatives, ABS / MBS, structured notes, etc.

Fenion developed a scalable technology to onboard new clients. It enables us to perform the onboarding very fast and in an efficient way. Therefore, our clients save a lot of time and money and focus on other important tasks, while we take care of the rest. Please consult us to have an estimation on your potential schedule.

Client data security is paramount at Fenion. We employ robust encryption, secure data storage, and strict access controls, along with compliance with GDPR, DORA and other relevant data protection regulations to ensure your data's integrity and confidentiality.

Our services are highly customizable to fit the specific needs and preferences of each client. Please let us know about your customisation requirements, so that we tailor our reports to align with your specific needs.

In general, our goal is to deliver reports significantly faster than market standard. The turnaround time can vary depending on the specific report type and also depends on external factors (such as ESMA parameter publication for Solvency II). However, we are happy to discuss your preferred delivery deadlines together.

Our reporting professionals are happy to support in case of questions to the provided reports. Additionally, we support during CRR audits and make sure the filing is provided to you in time and without any overheads.

Our fees are structured transparently, based on the scope and type of services required. We normally charge a fixed fee per fund. We strictly avoid any minimum fees, as well as additional fees for support for clients or during audit. Please consult us to get your fitting quote.

Yes, we can facilitate the dissemination of regulatory reports to the relevant authorities, platforms or investors as required, ensuring efficient, timely and compliant distribution.

Collaborating with Fenion may reduce your reliance on certain data licenses, depending on the nature of the services you engage us for. We recommend discussing your current setup with us to explore potential efficiencies, cost savings and licensing risks.


Fenion has implemented a highly streamlined process for fund data collection from investment management companies. Our stringent control mechanisms and IT-supported plausibility checks, lead to fund data quality that meets highest standards. Clients can order fund data choosing from different modules, which reflect exactly their requirements. Moreover, our fund data can be delivered in individually agreed data structure and format. Therefore, our clients are able to seamlessly integrate the fund-data into their systems and save time and money during onboarding.

We offer various types of public fund data: current dynamic data (NAVs, Total Net Asset Values, Dividend Payments etc.), but also historical dynamic data, fund KPIs, static data, regulatory data (EMTs, EPTs and EETs), fund documents (Annual Reports, PRIIP KIDs, Prospectus) and full holdings.

The Fenion Data Stream currently is focused on the fund markets in Luxembourg, Ireland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We offer a high coverage of fund data for the funds registered for sale in these countries. In addition, we also serve other fund markets on specific customer request. We continuously expand the Fenion data stream to other fund markets within and outside the EU.

Regarding the delivery of fund data, we are very flexible and always aim to meet the requirements of our customers. Therefore, our clients benefit from less resources required for onboarding and processing our fund data. Data can be provided through different channels (API, SFTP, etc.) and in individually agreed format.

Yes, we do offer ESG data within the European ESG Templates/EETs that we provide for a wide range of investment funds. Our clients can choose whether to receive the EETs themselves or only specific data fields from the EETs. For more detailed ESG data we maintain partnerships with ESG specialists to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

General Questions

Fenion is a Spin-Off from former Deloitte professionals and offers regulatory reporting for investment funds as well as a comprehensive fund-database. After our time at Deloitte, we decided to implement our technology from scratch again in order to offer our clients today highly scalable and audit proof solutions in both business areas. Today, our solutions are trusted by 70+ clients globally, amongst them leading investment management companies as well as global data-vendors.

Yes, Fenion is fully compliant with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Understanding the critical importance of operational resilience in the financial sector, we have rigorously aligned our policies, processes, and technology infrastructure to meet DORA's stringent requirements.

No, Fenion at the moment is not regulated by NCAs as we act as service provider for our clients in order to meet regulatory requirements. However, in terms of DORA compliance, we are regulated by the Austrian authorities.

Fenion at the moment serves 70+ clients in 10+ countries and is constantly expanding its client base. Amongst our clients are investment management companies, fund-administrators, global data-vendors, insurance companies, pension funds and more.