Solvency II TPT Production

Fenion covers the whole value chain within Solvency II, such as production of Tripartite Templates (TPT), calculation of SCR shock parameters as well as QRT production. Upon request, we also take care of dissemination – fast, reliable and without any headaches - that's our promise.

The Solvency II TPT is used by insurance companies to calculate capital requirements and deliver them to the respective supervisory authorities. The template has been established by FinDatEx (Financial Data Exchange Templates) and enables a fund look-through, calculation of capital requirements and publication of QRT to EIOPA.

Fenion takes care of all related report production in the most recent specification, ensuring the needed look-through requirements. Get rid of annoying data-licensing restrictions and perform a swift and reliable report dissemination to platforms, investors and other market participants upon request.

We offer

  • Solvency II TPT production

swiftly and in accordance with the current FinDatEx specification

  • Quantitative services

calculation of SCR shock parameters in accordance with EIOPA guidelines

  • Production of QRTs

reliable production and delivery of the S.06.03, S.06.02, S.07.01, S.08.01,
S.08.02, S.09.01, S.06.03, S.10.01, S.11.01, S.26.01, S.26.02

  • Production of fund of funds Solvency II TPTs

allowing individual look-through and quality requirements

  • Comprehensive data enrichment

enrichment of required master data (e.g. CIC, NACE, LEI, Ultimate Parent)

  • Dissemination of the Solvency II TPTs

to you, your investors, platforms etc.

  • Audit-secure IT infrastructure

traceable and historized process, DORA compliant

Senior Fund Manager of an Asset Manager

"Many thanks again to you all! Really great how quickly the fund-of-funds TPTs are provided and in what quality. Without any post-processing, etc."

Monika S.

Head of Regulatory Reporting at a capital management company

"Your commitment, even on a public holiday, is extremely appreciated and we are very grateful for it."

Thomas N.

Management of capital investment of an insurance company

"You have really made a name for yourself in the analysis and reporting business - well done! I will never get tired recommending your good work.”

Florian W.

Investment Manager of Insurance Group

“I would like to thank you once again for the rapid adaptation and implementation of the report!"

Susanne W.

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Senior Business Analyst

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