FTK Reporting

We are happy to support you as a reliable partner for meeting the requirements of Dutch pension funds in the context of FTK reporting. Always receive the latest specifications of Dutch supervisory authorities and focus on growing your business instead of the regulatory hassle.

The FTK report (in Dutch “Financieel Toetsingskader” or translated “Financial Assessment Framework”) is a critical document that pension funds in the Netherlands are required to generate and provide to the Dutch financial authorities.

The FTK is a risk based supervisory framework that enables supervisory authorities to evaluate the financial soundness and stability of pension funds. Fenion supports numerous investment management companies in the production of FTK reports - please contact us to elaborate a potential use case.

We offer

  • Production of FTK reporting

K208A and K208B: List of investments

K209A and K209B: Look-Though of the fund

K210A and K210B: Derivative overview

  • Comprehensive portfolio insights

information on assets, fees, and performance

  • Fenion Reporting Engine

Fast and accurate delivery

  • Comprehensive customer support

through our reporting professionals

  • Audit-secure IT infrastructure

traceable and historized process, DORA compliant

Senior Fund Manager of an Asset Manager

"Many thanks again to you all! Really great how quickly the fund-of-funds TPTs are provided and in what quality. Without any post-processing, etc."

Monika S.

Head of Regulatory Reporting at a capital management company

"Your commitment, even on a public holiday, is extremely appreciated and we are very grateful for it."

Thomas N.

Management of capital investment of an insurance company

"You have really made a name for yourself in the analysis and reporting business - well done! I will never get tired recommending your good work.”

Florian W.

Investment Manager of Insurance Group

“I would like to thank you once again for the rapid adaptation and implementation of the report!"

Susanne W.

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Francesco Sardina

Senior Business Analyst

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