EBA Interest Stress Tests and Cash Flow Report

Take advantage of the possibility of proactive risk management and collaborate with Fenion to prepare the EBA interest rate stress tests or cash flow reports for your funds. We give valuable insights in terms of liquidity and sensitivity of your funds in case of different stress-scenarios.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) conducts interest rate stress tests to evaluate how institutions can withstand changes in interest rates. These tests are designed to measure the resilience of financial institutions in maintaining adequate capital levels when facing various interest rate movements.

We are happy to provide you with competent and reliable support in terms of cash flow reporting or EBA stress test production.

We offer

  • Production of all required templates

Stresstest scenario calculation | Cash-flow calculation

  • Data validation and quality assurance

fast and accurate delivery

  • Comprehensive customer support

through our reporting professionals

  • Audit-secure IT infrastructure

traceable and historized process, DORA compliant

Senior Fund Manager of an Asset Manager

"Many thanks again to you all! Really great how quickly the fund-of-funds TPTs are provided and in what quality. Without any post-processing, etc."

Monika S.

Head of Regulatory Reporting at a capital management company

"Your commitment, even on a public holiday, is extremely appreciated and we are very grateful for it."

Thomas N.

Management of capital investment of an insurance company

"You have really made a name for yourself in the analysis and reporting business - well done! I will never get tired recommending your good work.”

Florian W.

Investment Manager of Insurance Group

“I would like to thank you once again for the rapid adaptation and implementation of the report!"

Susanne W.

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Stefan Fischer

Managing Partner | COO

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