Customised fund data of highest quality.

Bespoke fund data with state-of-the-art technology - for services that go one step further.

Flexible fund data for seamless integration

With the Fenion Fund Data Stream, we guarantee a seamless delivery of up-to-date and high-quality fund data and documents. The format, form and structure of the data meets your individual requirements - making complex and time-consuming onboarding projects a thing of the past.

Results you can rely on

Based on state-of-the-art technology, we offer both standardized and highly customized fund data services that are second to none.


Daily NAVs, Historical NAVs, Dividends and Capital Measures

Fund KPIs

Performance and risk indicators: Sharpe Ratio, Volatility, Max. Drawdown etc.

Fund master data

Fees and risk parameters, Sustainability/ESG, Fund type, Investment strategy

Fund documents

EMT, EPT and EET, PRIIPs KID, Prospectus and Annual Report

Full Portfolio Holdings

Top Holdings, Asset Classes / Sectors / Countries / Currency allocations, etc.

Tax data

Transparent insights into tax-relevant information of investment funds

The onboarding process in four steps


First things first: After you have contacted us, let us know about your individual requirements, needs and delivery preferences.


In order to provide you with high quality data, we analyze the required coverage of your desired fund data.

Data quality

In the next step, the collected fund data is checked carefully to ensure its quality and overall accuracy.


We will then provide you with your individual fund data - tailored to your system-specific format, if you wish.

Figures that speak for themselves

funds in our database
APIs to asset managers
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6 TN €
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Senior Fund Manager of an Asset Manager

"Many thanks again to you all! Really great how quickly the fund-of-funds TPTs are provided and in what quality. Without any post-processing, etc."

Monika S.

Head of Regulatory Reporting at a capital management company

"Your commitment, even on a public holiday, is extremely appreciated and we are very grateful for it."

Thomas N.

Management of capital investment of an insurance company

"You have really made a name for yourself in the analysis and reporting business - well done! I will never get tired recommending your good work.”

Florian W.

Investment Manager of Insurance Group

“I would like to thank you once again for the rapid adaptation and implementation of the report!"

Susanne W.

Any more questions?

Contact our fund data expert right away.

Karin Ladinig

Product Manager Fund Data

News that we find particularly exciting


Fenion has implemented a highly streamlined process for fund data collection from investment management companies. Our stringent control mechanisms and IT-supported plausibility checks, lead to fund data quality that meets highest standards. Clients can order fund data choosing from different modules, which reflect exactly their requirements. Moreover, our fund data can be delivered in individually agreed data structure and format. Therefore, our clients are able to seamlessly integrate the fund-data into their systems and save time and money during onboarding.

We offer various types of public fund data: current dynamic data (NAVs, Total Net Asset Values, Dividend Payments etc.), but also historical dynamic data, fund KPIs, static data, regulatory data (EMTs, EPTs and EETs), fund documents (Annual Reports, PRIIP KIDs, Prospectus) and full holdings.

The Fenion Data Stream currently is focused on the fund markets in Luxembourg, Ireland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We offer a high coverage of fund data for the funds registered for sale in these countries. In addition, we also serve other fund markets on specific customer request. We continuously expand the Fenion data stream to other fund markets within and outside the EU.

Regarding the delivery of fund data, we are very flexible and always aim to meet the requirements of our customers. Therefore, our clients benefit from less resources required for onboarding and processing our fund data. Data can be provided through different channels (API, SFTP, etc.) and in individually agreed format.

Yes, we do offer ESG data within the European ESG Templates/EETs that we provide for a wide range of investment funds. Our clients can choose whether to receive the EETs themselves or only specific data fields from the EETs. For more detailed ESG data we maintain partnerships with ESG specialists to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

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