Fenion reports to be DORA-compliant

After an extensive GAP analysis and successful implementation, Fenion reports to be compliant with DORA ("Digital Operational Resilience Act"), which will come into effect in 2025

Nikolaus Sernetz
5. October 2023
Fund reporting
Fund data

Fenion is excited to announce, that we have successfully completed the implementation of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Our journey was characterized by an intense collaboration together with an external consultant. With their support we carefully aligned the DORA requirements with our internal processes, IT-infrastructure and documentation. The outcome? A smooth transition and clear recommendations for actions, which already have been put to practice.

Preparation for the future: With this achievement we are not only well-prepared for the DORA requirements from 2025 onwards, but we also continue to set industry standards in terms of regulatory reporting and fund data on the highest level.

Thanks to Concedro: A big thank you goes to the team of Concedro for their competent and swift support throughout this project.

“The DORA implementation is and will be very crucial for us, when it comes to serving our large scale clients in future. Specifically in regards of our new product lines coming up next year, DORA compliance is of utmost priority to us.”

Nikolaus Sernetz

Managing Partner of Fenion GmbH

Fenion's ongoing commitment: Fenion remains committed to providing robust and scalable solutions in order to make our client's lifes easier and more cost-efficient.

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Nikolaus Sernetz

Managing Partner | CEO

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