CRR III published in EU Journal

Introduction of CRR III - on 19 June 2024, the CRR III was finally published by the European Union. This amendment incorporates the final BCBS standards into EU law, with most revisions taking effect from 01 January 2025.

Nikolaus Sernetz
28. June 2024
Fund reporting

Key Changes in Look-Through Reporting

CRR III introduces several significant changes, which could potentially apply to your fund product suite: 

  • Newly introduced risk exposure class subordinated debt
  • Overall increased Capital Charges
    • Capital charges will rise notably for equity exposures, subordinated debt, and certain alternative investments.
    • The increase for equity exposures will be phased-in gradually until 2029.
  • Less fall-back options in terms of institution exposures
  • Revised Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA) calculation
  • More complex treatment of Real Estate exposures
  • More detailed view on new asset classes, such as Crypto Assets

Updated calculations need to be provided from reference date January 2025 onwards.

Please contact us to elaborate, which impact CRR III reporting has for your funds during the transition period: