Fenion achieves top scores in customer survey

Fenion places great emphasis on continuously improving its services and meeting its customers' needs to the best of its ability. For this reason, we recently conducted a customer survey.

Nikolaus Sernetz
22. November 2023

The results of the survey are extremely encouraging. In all areas, we achieved results at or close to the top score of 5 points.

We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an insight into the results achieved:

In the areas of quality and adherence to deadlines, we fully meet the expectations of our customers. We were only close to the top mark in the areas of coverage / calculation rate and cost transparency. We are constantly working on further optimizing our services in these areas so that we will also receive the top rating in this area in the future.

It is extremely pleasing that the overall satisfaction in the area of customer support is very high. We see the high rating as an incentive to make communication with us even easier and to improve our response time even more.

An interesting result of the survey concerns the integration of our reporting services into other systems and applications used by our customers. There were different views among our customers on this. As our goal is to meet as many customer requirements as possible, we will continue to ensure that our services are seamlessly compatible with our customers' internal systems when needed.

Fenion places great importance to informing its customers about regulatory updates. We see this confirmed by the survey, as this is important for the majority of our customers. This motivates us to continue to communicate relevant changes and reflect them in our products.

Last but not least, we asked about satisfaction with our price-performance ratio. We are pleased to be close to the top score in this area as well and want to continue on the path of "excellent data quality at competitive conditions".

Finally, the most gratifying result, all respondents would recommend our service.

In conclusion, we would like to sincerely thank our customers for participating in the survey. We look forward to continuing to meet customer demands in the future and supporting you with simple solutions to complex tasks.

Thank you for your loyalty and trust in Fenion!

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Nikolaus Sernetz

Managing Partner | CEO

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