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Since the very early days of the FundsXML format, Fenion follows the development of the fund reporting market with dedicated interest. As former Deloitte employees leading the department of fund-data reporting, the inovative team is well aware of reporting requirements and caused overheads for Investment Management companies and their clients.

Nikolaus Sernetz
8. November 2018
Fund reporting

Fenion experienced, that FundsXML developed pretty well recently and see the format covering more and more granularity and fields. Especially the easy handling and access to OeKB Fund Data Portal is a considerable improvement talking about delivery and security of reporting.

Today Fenion is able to deliver FundsXML in all versions to all stakeholders in the industry. Their services are as individual as their clients – for that reason they deliver any agreed format to their clients as well as individual solutions designed to tackle their customer’s pain when it comes to data-handling and fund reporting. Fenion recognizes the value as well as the significant further development potential of FundsXML. On the other side, they are also well aware that some challenges are yet to overcome –on the market they see (partly) poor execution and insufficient harmonization of data as main question marks that need to be covered.

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Nikolaus Sernetz

Managing Partner | CEO

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